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Our aim is to provide a unique & insightful experience for all our visitors. Whether it's art or information - what you're getting challenges the paradigm of post-colonial thought and application, and challenges you to look at abstract concepts and constructs - practically. 
Located in Wellington, New Zealand, this is the knowledge hub of Leading Maori Artist Darcy Nicholas, and his decades-long commitment to not only producing leading Contemporary Maori Art - but also in his contributions in guiding its thinking and direction. 
Since the 1960's, Nicholas first established himself as an artist and opened his first Gallery, The Pride Gallery, in 1973. He owned and operated the gallery until 1979 when someone called to buy the gallery and continue selling his works. It allowed him to build his career not only as an artist, but also as an Arts Administrator, events organiser, negotiator for Maori on Maori issues, Exhibition Strategist, Museum Director, and General Manager of Community Services for Porirua City.
In the early 1980's he received a Fulbright Award, to study African American and Native American Art in the United States. The Fulbright also afforded him the opportunity to go to Europe, and study some of the great European Artists and masters of the past. All of their thinking and ideas have influenced his own works.
He's been recognised for his professional contributions over the years, with the Absolutely Creative Wellington Award in 2005; paying tribute to his work in creating and running the Pataka Museum, and in playing a key role in boosting the image of Porirua City over that period between 1993 and 2012. He received the Certificate of Appreciation in 2008 from the US Embassy in Wellington, for his efforts to bridge understanding between the United States and New Zealand with world class events touring America. He received the Queen's Service Order (QSO) in 2012, for his services to Museums, and the Te Waka Toi, Te Atairangikaahu Supreme Award in 2013, for his services to Maori Art and contributions as a Maori Artist, to Maoridom.
Due to a progressive illness to his wife, he stepped out those professional roles in 2012 to spend time caring for her, while continuing to pursue his art.
His wide ranging experiences and international travel has allowed Nicholas to transcend his art to an International audience, with knowledge and wisdom not only coming with his work experiences, but also from the wise people around the world that he's had the privilege and opportunity to meet. embodies the spirit of creativity, combined with the wisdom gained over years of searching for knowledge, asking the right questions, and keeping an open mind. He has held off providing this forum for many years, but has become more concerned with the lack of substance and mistaken thinking that has come through the mainstream in recent years. Offering the wisdom that was handed over to him by learned elders that learnt from their elders and so-on, is something he feels must be done before that opportunity disappears altogether.  

Darcy Nicholas is one of the pre-eminent Maori Artists and thinkers of his generation, born in 1945 to Hana and Jim Nicholas, in Waitara Taranaki. His art reflects the land around him and the people he grew up with; who nurtured him, who gave him knowledge, taught him life lessons, and showed him the ways of the world. He is unapologetically Maori, yet at the same time he embraces that he is a child of the world and connected to everybody. 

Knowing who you are and where you come from, is one of the keys to producing good art. It has to be you. 

Nicholas is an example of that, and the hope is that more and more people can find their own creative voice; not surrendering to the expectations set by others.