Moving forward, this website will share the knowledge and expertise of Darcy Nicholas, as it relates to Creating Art , Leading a Vision , Maori Identity , Stories & Symbolism , Tribal Issues , and Maori History . Please stay tuned. 

Growing up, Nicholas was surrounded by experts steeped in pre-colonial custom and history. His knowledge comes from a long line of people whose education was passed down by their elders, and whose decisions helped shape the future of Maoridom. His own achievements as an artist, a leader, and as a strategist, reflect this wisdom.

His natural instincts as an artist, allowed him to interpret that information in both abstract, and logical context. The concern is that much information on Maori Issues provided today is post-colonial, and often misinterpreted by those that teach it. The goal here is to have another angle to place beside that being taught in institutions, so individuals can apply common sense before reaching their own conclusions.