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- Acrylic on Canvas, 51 x 51cmNicholas was born and raised in Waitara, Taranaki, and spent most of his formative years learning from the teachings of his Mother’s Taranaki Tribes.“As a child I often spent hours looking at the clouds and seeing different shapes in them. And when I looked at the ..
"I am my ancestor... And my ancestor is me. And the same thing applies to people all over the world... We are the living ancestor" - Darcy NicholasThe child is born and grows and eventually becomes the adult, and the adult shares the wisdom until eventually they are the ancestors of those that remai..
- Acrylic on Canvas, 45 x 91cm“Te Arikinui - the high born woman, is a reminder of all those wonderful women who raised us; loved us and nurtured us. I wanted to create something that symbolized the stories of Woman as the mother of humanity”Te Arikinui, the high born woman, is a tribute to the stro..
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